21.03.2016 Presentation at Sukhumi State University, Tbilisi

Presentation at Sukhumi State University, Tbilisi
The presentation on Educational and Exchange Programs was held in Sokhumi State University. The guests were welcomed by the Head of Administration of the University NinoTopuridze and Prof. Merab Chukhua. The Representative of the Austrian Institute for Caucasus Studies Prof. Hans-Georg Heinrich, Department Director of the High Technical Institute Camillo Sitte, Prof. Mag. Alfred Pleyer, Deputy President Austrian of the International Student Support Organization Hubert Hämmerle, and President of the Austrian Society for Caucasus Studies Adam Lamberd took part in the Presentation.
As Professor Hans-Georg Heinrich underlined, possible and specific projects are under discussion, which are related not only to higher and tertiary education, but also, to the technical disciplines. Sukhumi State University and Austrian universities have planned to sign a memorandum. The exchange program is expected to be launched in the coming academic year. The cooperation is carried out with in the framework of the Bologna Process, which will contribute to advance integration of Georgia into the European scientific community.

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