Austrian Institute for Caucasus Studies (ICS)

The Austrian Institute for Caucasus Studies (ICS) was founded as a scientific institution in Austria by the Austrian Society for Caucasus Studies and scientists from the University of Vienna. This institute can be seen as a part of the University of Vienna in the future. The ICS aims to join representatives of public, economic, cultural, business and other sectors of different countries in order to establish cooperation in these fields. Moreover, the aim of the institute is to conduct a profound research of the Caucasus and the Central European region from a symbiotic perspective by analyzing the historical, political, religious, social, psychological and economical aspects of these two regions which are the origins of multiple different civilizations.

Major goals of the institute are familiarization of European scientists and citizens with the daily life, political and cultural traditions of the regions; organization of round tables and scientific conferences in order to share experiences and to conduct interreligious dialogues.

The ICS is regarded as a division of Austrian Society for Caucasus Studies for carrying out scientific tasks and topics. Besides the writing and publishing of scientific papers, a further aim of the ICS is to establish and maintain relationships to other universities specialized in the same field of research. A possibility for cooperation does exist with the University of Vienna following a future goal to make the institute part of the university. Additionally, the institute has the task to establish the base for the development of a degree program for Caucasus studies at the University of Vienna. In particular, the research on the Caucasus region in the broader context of related cultural and economic exchanges with the region and with neighboring regions such as Eastern Anatolia, Caspian Sea region has the aim to promote the Black Sea region of Ukraine. A further goal of the institute is to found a European center of Caucasus studies at the University of Vienna. In order to achieve this goal, it is planned to open subdivisions of the institute in other countries and to organize several relationships to diverse local and global institutions.