Austrian Education Forum in Tbilisi

Austrian Education Forum in Tbilisi in cooperation with Ilia State University, Tbilisi
– How to create opportunities for Georgian Students for a study at the Austrian Technical College / College and advanced training course?
Speaker:Prof. Hans-Georg Heinrich, University of Vienna
– Prospects of the Austrian educational model for Georgia. Implementation experience of Austrian higher technical Institutes in Georgia’s higher education system.
Speaker: Prof. Alfred PLEYER, Head of Department, High Technical Institute Camillo Sitte
– Opportunities financing for the Georgian students study at the Austrian high technical Institutes.
Speaker: Hubert Hämmerle, Deputy President, Austrian International Student Support Organisation – VereinzurFörderung von Studierenden.
Welcome: Adam Lamberd, President Austrian Society for Caucasus Studies
Moderation:Prof. Ghia Nodia, Ilia State University, Tbilisi

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