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The Institute for Caucasus Studies (ICS) in April 2015 was founded as a nongovernmental institution in Austria by professors from University of Vienna and is subdivision of the University of Vienna with the support of the MFA of Austria and Vienna City Government. The ICS aims to bring representatives of public, economy, culture and business and other sectors of different countries together and establish a cooperation in these fields. 22 January 2015 in MFA of Austria took place a presentation of strategic action plan and priority project of the institutes and affiliated Centre for Trans-Regional Studies and Crisis Development Policy- «International Initiative for Caucasus Transparency Development and Cooperation» and «Vienna Forum for Transparency Modernization of the Black- See Caspian Region. The first project is a international open framework for Black-See Caspian regional and European institutions and think-tanks. General purpose of the Initiative is segregate humanitarian, politically, economic, development, justice, law and rights problems in the practice format to research. Second project is a one of the part trans-regional framework between EU and South Caucasus, and Vienna Forum is a new research and discussion trans-regional platform for governmental and nongovernmental interaction by Austrian. The Austrian Society for Caucasian Studies has its headquarters in Vienna and extends its activities to the entire Austrian territory. The company may open its own Institute of Caucasian Studies, which acts in the name and on behalf of the ICS. The ICS has appointed tasks, the research on the region of the Caucasus and in the parent co slope of related cultural and economic exchange with the Caucasus region neighbors Eastern Anatolia regions, Caspian Sea region, the Black Sea region of Ukraine to promote. To achieve the goal, the ICS also branch and departments can build substantive and organizational links with organizations on the national level and in external regions to build.
Since 2015 in cooperation with Centre for Trans- Regional Studies and Crisis Development Policy (Vienna, Austria) develop two international initiative on the trans-regional format to create open cooperation network- «International Initiative for Caucasus Transparency Development and Cooperation» and «Vienna Forum for Transparency Modernization of the Black- See Caspian Region». Forum-"Intersectoral dialogue as a factor of regional integration of the South and North Caucasus". It held within the framework of the project "New Horizons Pro 2015" with the support of the international initsiativy- International Initiative for Caucasus Transparency Development and Cooperation (Centre for Trans-Regional Studies and Crisis Development Policy and Institute for Caucasus Studies, Vienna, Austria) by partnership Center for Cultural Relations Caucasian House (Tbilisi, Georgia) from 21 till 24 September 2015. In January was it held a meeting at the MFA of Austria initiated to the opening of foreign office of ICS. First stage of the Vienna Forum for Transparency Modernization of the Black-Sea Caspian Region was held in Tbilisi from 19 till 23 March 2016. Within the framework of the Vienna Forum in Tbilisi they were organized Education forum with support of the Austrian High School of Economic, Tbilisi Technical University and Tbilisi State Univerity e.t.c. This events is part of a larger framework, which aims at building closer economic and culture ties between Central Europe and the South Caucasus region, one of the priority areas for development cooperation as defined by the Austrian Ministries, corporations and leading foreign policy institutions. The underlying philosophy of the project is to intensify cooperation between strategic sub-regions and to create mechanisms of economic cooperation at the inter-sectoral and inter-agency levels. The „International Initiative for Caucasus Transparency Development and Cooperation” is to discuss this approach and develop a road map for intensified cooperation including investment projects between the larger Central European states and South Caucasus.
The main goals of public discussions are: intensification of cross-sectoral dialogue in public government, economy, security and cross border cooperation in the region of South Caucasus as well as business and cross cultural cooperation as a main basis for regional security and stability that will also have a positive impact on FDI environment.Following discussions are planned conference: Part I- «Will the relationship between European Union and Georgia get in a new level after visa agreement?»; Part II-«Overcoming Regional Challenges in the Caucasus: An Georgian parliament election 2016»; Experts roundtable at the Ernst & Young LLC Georgia: Will Georgia become a Bridge between Iran and Central European Countries?"; roundtables on the topic- Will Georgia become a Bridge between Iran and Central European Countries?; Logic behind participation in Syria war for foreign fighters. Potential consequences for regional sustainable development. It was organized by support more regional Institutions, NGO and governmental department of Georgia.

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